Milk Qool Evolution White

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  • Capacity of water tank: 1L
  • Milk tank capacity: 380ml
  • Capacity of used capsule reservoir: 10 capsules
  • Two extraction nozzles: Tisanas and Coffees + Drinks with milk
  • Power: 1200w

Only 1 left in stock

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Milk Qool Evolution promises that “just add your favorite milk to your usual coffee.” This is the first Delta Q machine that incorporates a milk tank and allows you to prepare all drinks with any type of fresh milk (such as gallons or cappuccinos). It is the perfect solution for all families who enjoy drinks made with fresh milk that do not lack the quality of Delta Q coffee.

Milk Qool Evolution has unique features: two extraction nozzles – one dedicated to coffee and another to milk drinks – and, not least, an easy cleaning system.

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Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 28.1 × 16 × 41 cm


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